What is The Safe City HSS?

The Safe City HSS is a set of state and other human-machine and technological ergatic information systems in the field of public safety, law and order, and living environment safety, united in a single information space.


What is the purpose of The Safe City HSS?

The Safe City HSS will ensure the automated interaction of a wide range of organizations and services of the urban economy various departments and sectors by combining all available sources of information about threats in the municipality and forming a platform for interdepartmental and intersystem interaction between the participants of The Safe City HSS.


How does The Safe City HSS work?

The Safe City HSS covers an exceptionally wide range of scientific, technical and organizational aspects of a huge number of services and agencies, integrating dozens of pre-existing separate sets of concepts, definitions and descriptions.

Security is improving by significantly better coordination of forces and services achieved through the introduction of an integrated information system on the basis of municipalities that provides forecasting, monitoring, prevention and elimination of possible threats.


What areas does The Safe City HSS cover?

The subject area of The Safe City HSS is an interdisciplinary and integrative field of knowledge, covering the problems of several scientific and sectoral fields: sociology, psychology, political science, anthropology, digital anthropology, economy, law, ecology, urbanistics, medicine, hydrology, geophysics, nature science, physics, chemistry, mechanics, electrical engineering and others.

In practical terms, The Safe City HSS is a synthesis of existing systems of organizational and ergatic nature, closed within individual services and departments, which will allow to form an end-to-end, cross-sectoral and inter-level complex of technical solutions and organizational practices of interaction at all levels of government in the framework of ensuring public safety, law and order, and living environment safety.


What is the uniqueness of The Safe City HSS?

The Safe City HSS combines different dimensions of security, synthesizing practices, integrating systems and forming a single security space.

The Safe City HSS allows to overcome the obvious fragmentation of existing foreign approaches to the application of organizational, informational, analytical, predictive and other methodological, technical and technological solutions to ensure the safety and sustainable development of cities.

Analysis of foreign practices demonstrates that the implementation of the concepts of Smart City or Smart Sustainable City in the terminology of the UN has significant variations depending on the national and local characteristics of specific subjects of implementation.

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